Yesterday my wife returned from her trip to Paris where she had gone to visit her sister. While she was there she asked me what kind of souvenir she should bring back with her. Since (1) I am of French descent, (2) “postmodernity” has been the rage in philosophical talk (at least amongst us commoner novices who are always about four decades behind the inner circles of the academy), and (3) I am taking a philosophy class where postmodernity will be one of the subject addressed, it only made sense to ask for some relevant authors. This is what I received yesterday:

– Michel Foucault, L’archéologie du savoir

– Michel Foucault, Collectif essai

Jean-François Lyotard, Le Différend

And finally the best of all the purchases: A original 1967 edition of Jacques Derrida’s L’Écriture et la différence.

At least, even if I discover I don’t like much of what these people write, it will give me reason to practice my French reading!