I hope the month of September has been welcoming to you. For many it means more reading and writing than it did in August because classes have resumed. Nevertheless, if you find time to read some blogs these may be worth the effort:

Vernon Grounds has passed away. In case you are beginning to lose track of all the theologians who have passed away here is a list from 2000-2010.

– Mark Stevens doesn’t even know about The Gospel Coalition, Scot McKnight has a question for The Gospel Coalition (T.C. Robinson shares some thoughts on this matter here), and Will Lee says that ‘Together for the Gospel’ is not really together for the gospel (Hint: It may be neo-Fundamentalism!) and he provides some follow-up post here and here.

– Marc Cortez wants to know if he can disagree with you because he doesn’t like you (yes, you, you personally).

– Kim Fabricius says we need to “repent about repenting”.

– Fr. Ted Bobosh continues his series on Orthodoxy here, here, here

Roger Olson is a premillenialist.

– Joel Watts has dedicated this week to blogging about “geocentrism”. He is doing this because of a conference on the subject of which he wants to fairly examine the claims. He provides us with a list of Scriptures used to defend the position. He discusses the Scriptural basis for the position. He tells us what the Church Fathers said about it (here and here) as well as some of the Reformers (here). James McGrath notifies us of more discussion on the subject.

– Esteban Vazquez shares the “real value” of learning Greek (with a nod to Moses Silva).

– Bill Mounce asks “What constitutes an accurate translation?

– Jason Gardner reviews Paul D. Wegner’s Using Old Testament Hebrew in Preaching and Biblical Theology: Introducing the Conversation by Leo G. Perdue, Robert Morgan, and Benjamin D. Sommer.