As we say goodbye to September in preparation for October let these links help you forget how quickly this year is coming to an end!

– Larry Hurtado writes on the value of studying the Septuagint.

– Daniel Kirk explains why “the history stuff matters”. Also, he has a couple of post on history and the Bible (here and here).

– Adam Bottiglia discusses “the hermeneutical dilemma”.

– Kevin DeYoung discusses whether or not Calvin taught inerrancy.

– Bruce Reyes-Chow is cynical about criticisms of cynicism (or something).

– Roger Olson says there are two forces pulling evangelicalism apart.

– James K.A. Smith was interviewed about Pentecostalism and philosophy and he interviewed James Davison Hunter.

– Trevin Wax writes on the “myth of universal consensus” amongst scholars.

– James McGrath reviews Dale Allison’s Constructing Jesus.

– Mike Bird alerts us to a series of books on Paul and various gospels.