Welcome to October!

– The Barth Blog Conference has begun over at Der Evangelische Theologe: (1) Welcome; (2) Barth and Schleiermacher; (3) Barth and Bavinck; (4) Barth and Bonhoeffer; (4) Barth and Tillich; (5) Barth and Jenson.

– Derek Ouellette explains why he is an Evangelical.

– Al Mohler says women shouldn’t be pastors because Carl Henry teased him about it…or something like that.

– Daniel Kirk expresses concern over the impending restriction of academic freedom of Calvin College. See also his brief discussion on the Christian Reformed Churches statement on creation/evolution as well as another post on whether or not it is Reformed theology of all systems that leaves the most room for a figurative Adam.

– If you want to know who are some of the authoritative theologians in the literal Adam v. figurative Adam debate see the list here.

– Peter Enns continues his series critiquing “literalism”. Also, he surveys some “ancient interpreters” of Genesis.

– Michael Bird ponders the significance of the “original autographs” for the doctrine of biblical inspiration. Kevin DeYoung asks a similar question and concedes the floor to Carl Henry.

– Peter Leithart (mediated through Esteban Vasquez) reminds us that we all do a bit of eisegesis.

– Wheaton will be publishing a book through IVP that collects the essays from the conference where various scholars were in dialog with N.T. Wright.

– Scott Lencke has begun reviewing Inspiration and Incarnation by Peter Enns.

– Scot McKinight begins working through Theology After Darwin.

– It appears that Americans don’t know a whole lot about world religions.