Los links!!!

I hope your October is going well. If not, maybe these reads will brighten things up a bit:

– The BioLogos Foundation has settled on a statement of faith. Scot McKnights says they got it right.

– Daniel Kirk has written a new evangelical manifesto.

– C. Michael Patton wants to know if Jesus could have gotten a math problem wrong.

– Craig Blomberg answers some questions on stewardship.

– Peter Enns has been writing a series on “Genesis, Creation, and Ancient Interpreters” here and here.

– Andrew Perriman asks whether Romans 9-11 discusses corporate or individual election. Michael Patton discusses the same question here and Dan Wallace here.

– Larry Hurtado has posted some papers on how early Christians negotiated their existence.

– Bill Mounce says there is a normal sentence order in Greek.

– David Stark notifies us that the Greek text of Justin’s Dialog with Trypho is available online.

– T.B. Williams writes on the long ending of Mark.

– Nick Norelli reviews Fred Sander’s The Deep Things of God which we are giving away.

– Scott Lencke continues his review of Peter Enn’s Inspiration and Incarnation.

– James K.A. Smith reviews Hipster Christianity.

– Trevin Wax reviews Stephen Prothero’s God is Not One.

– Several theologians tell us their choices for the best theology books of the last twenty-five years.

– Brian Johnson asks us how you know what you know.