In my short life time I have known many people who have gone through difficult, dehumanizing, demoralizing events. These people should be given the room to talk about their experiences in order to heal. When you see progress it is very uplifting. Likewise, when someone reverts back into a cycle of bitterness and a victim’s mentality about life it can be disheartening.

I must say to some of my Reformed brothers and sisters that when I read what you write about Catholics, Orthodox, and even some fellow evangelicals (e.g. Arminians) that don’t share your view on secondary issues, you sound similar to these types of people. It is as if the Council of Trent concluded yesterday. Listen, you have the right to disagree with Rome on this or that. You have the right to say Azusa was misleading this way and that way. That being said, stop whining!

If predestination is stronger than Arminians and “soft” Calvinist make it so be it. God is the one who does the saving work, right? If the Pope is misleading people you have the right to say where but stop acting like all Catholics are beast. It only makes you look sad and small. I believe you can do better.