Wow, October is half way over!

– The Karl Barth Blog Conference has gone into week two: (1) Barth and the Coen Brothers; (2) Barth, Kegan, and Dylan; (3) Barth and Pauline Apocalypticism; (4) Barth and Hauerwaus; (5) Barth and Tanner.

– Andrew Perriman tells us why he doesn’t like systematic theologies and he explains the symbolism of the Son of Man coming on the clouds.

– Daniel Kirk discusses Jerusalem and judgment and the Last Supper in the Gospel of Luke.

– Peter Enns continues his discussion of “Genesis, Creation, and Ancient Interpreters” here.

– Why did God accept Abel’s sacrifice and not Cains? Find the answer here.

– Roger Olson is not against all forms of Calvinism but there are some!

– Scot McKnight wants to know if environmentalism is part of what it means to obey the gospel.

– Scott Lencke discusses the gift of prophecy

– C. Michael Patton wants to know why there is something rather than nothing.

– Keith Mitchell discusses Hegel’s logic as metaphysics.

– Bill Mounce talks about study Bibles.

– Nijay Gupta writes about being a teacher of theology and Scripture. (Something I am apparently disqualified to do) Also, he ponders the serpent of Genesis 3.

– Nick Norelli informs us of a new blog on biblical and early Christian studies. Also, he reviews Nancy Hedberg’s Women, Men, and the Trinity.

– Joel Watts discusses Getting the Reformation Wrong and God, Science, Sex, and Gender.