I’ll be using this title “Digital Delivery” to post new eBooks that I have purchased.

I wanted to bring my Digital books up to date so I’m going to start with this, and will only post new books from here on out.  So far I have purchased the following books on Kindle and iBooks.  I think that for the most part I will continue to purchase most of my books on Kindle.  The advantage of being able to read on multiple devices with Kindle makes it a superior eReader over iBooks.  For that reason alone I’ll invest most of my dollars on Kindle eBooks.  iBooks as is all Apple products are too controlling and not open systems.  I can’t run iBooks on an Android devices, or a simple eBook reader.  eBook readers are going to cost less, and less as time goes on.  I’m already considering buying the new 6″ Kindle with WiFi only just because it only cost $139.00.   Reading on the iPad outside is horrible, so the Kindle would be a nice alternative for reading out doors.

Kindle allows you to sample books, typically the first chapter.  You’ll see some of the books that are listed as Samples, those are books I’m planning to buy soon.