I am excited to announce that my friends and fellow bloggers Rodney Thomas and Celucien Joseph have launched a new blog project called “Intercultural Theology: Theological Education and Cultural Inclusion”. This blog will attempt to address the marginalization of minorities in mainstream and evangelical Christian education institutions (e.g. seminaries; universities). Rodney writes,

“I suspect those in evangelical and mainline seminary who are racial minorities are marginalized not only by the sheer lack of numbers population-wise in those circles but also when it comes to Euro-centric pedagogies, theological textbooks, and cultural assumptions of staff and faculty, the experience at times can be hurtful.  This is a project longtime in the making but we feel that it  is the right time for it, for an intelligent discussion on race relations and theological education.”

I think this is a worthwhile endeavor and it will hopefully also address gender exclusion, and other forms of exclusion, that are both conscious and subconscious amongst us. Too often we hide behind so-called “doctrinal fidelity” in order to prevent the other from coming into our midst. My assumption is that most of the time, if we think about it, doctrine is hardly the heart of the matter. So bookmark this blog, hear the stories, and contribute your own. It is time we discuss this serious matter openly and this can become just the place to do it!