This week I had to read a few articles on metaphysics for my philosophy class. I am rarely bored to the point of weeping, but this subject nearly did that for me.

One article explored the possibility of metaphysics and whether or not the word metaphysics even means anything anymore. That was assuring! Another article talked about how God relates to time and the author essentially ends with a big shrug of the shoulders. I kept thinking while I was reading that (a) God, if God is God, would be a bit bigger than our logic so how would we even know how he relates to time and (b) thanks to people like Einstein and others our view of time seems to be in flux so why would I even build a theory about two things that are far beyond my mental capabilities?!

A third article seemed to say that such thought was idolatry. Any “god” we could muster up via our rationalizing had to be something less than God. I wanted to say “yes” and “no”. I say “yes” because if you really think you can figure God out you are funny. I say “no” because there are people with very complex minds (I am not one of them) and I think that for them it can be an act of worship to ponder, hypothesize, and discuss the deep things of God as long as they don’t mistake their ideas for the real thing.

I think we should think upon God as our minds allow for it. If trying to think about how God relates to time is distracting to your devotion then move along. If thinking about whether or not God must be a “simple” being in order to avoid being comprised of composite parts really draws you closer to your Creator so be it! As for me I think I want to go take some more Tylenol.