The mail man was very kind to me today, he delivered Gordon D. Fee’s latest book “Revelation”  It is part of the “New Covenant Commentary Series”.  I purchased my copy from Amazon, and paid a very high price for this book.  $39.00 and it’s a paper back, and it is 315 pages long (which is a about a 1/3 of the size compared to some of his other major works).  It’s currently out of stock at Amazon, however the price has already dropped to $31.00.  It’s pretty hard to get me to spend that much on a paper back copy, but being the huge fan of Dr. Fee that I am I just had to get this book, but to me anything that Dr. Fee writes is priceless.  I’m close to owning his entire collection, but still missing a few of the smaller books, I do own all of his major works.

If you can wait, I would recommend you wait until this book drops in price a bit more, at least into the high 20s.  Another great plus about the book is that it is using the “NIV 2011”.

Here is a small sample of what you are in for, or at least what he hopes to accomplish:

Most believers, therefore, take one of two extremes: some simply avoid it in despair; others take an exaggerated interest in it, thinking to find here all the keys to the end of the world.  Both of these positions, I would argue, are simply wrong…The purpose of the present book is therefore singular: to offer one New Testament scholar’s exegetical reading of the text, with very little concern for anything except to help people hear it for the word of God that it is.  And therefore none of the so-called alternative ways of understanding the book will hereafter be mentioned in this book.  At the same time, I would be deceiving the reader if I did not admit that I am equally concerned that the exegesis leads to theological understanding. – Gordon D. Fee “Revelation” xi