Yesterday I wrote about our need to remind ourselves that our systems of Christian thought were not done in a vacuum (see here). As much as I respect Athanasius of Alexandria, or Augustine of Hippo, or Thomas Aquinas, or Martin Luther, it would be a mistake to say that any one of these people captured pure, uncontaminated truth. We all have our lens through which we see the world.

I was reminded of this in a short post written by Jon Jordan (here) whose RTS professor recently remarked: “…most of the good stuff will be coming from Africa and Asia.” I’d add South America as well. We Europeans and North Americans have a lot to learn from our brothers and sisters in these lands as regards our doctrine of God, Christology, Pneumatology, soteriology, healing, poverty, suffering, the demonic, the charismata, church-state/church-culture relations, and a wide array of other important subjects. Christianity is not limited to the western hemisphere. The Holy Spirit has been doing a global work.

Jordan mentioned the Africa Bible Commentary. Celucien Joseph has begun collecting resources on intercultural theology. There are more and more books being published on global Christian theology all the time. This is something that is coming and we should be prepared to embrace it!

While it is wonderful to look at the past to ask what Basil the Great or John Calvin thought, it is just as valuable to look at the emerging present to see what other voices have to say.

Other: See this video from the recent Luasanne Conference in South Africa that discusses how missions and evangelism used to be from the west to the world and now it is from the world for the world.