John Stackhouse of Regent College in Vancouver, BC, wrote a graceful piece on his blog critiquing some things that Mark Driscoll has said about stay-at-home-fathers (see here). As usually Driscoll has said something with shock value! I am almost immune to this but what worried me was this question asked by Professor Stackhouse:

“I confess to wondering what his professors at Western Seminary would think of this exercise in exegetical theology.”

This is the comment that I left there that I want to reproduce here:

“I am currently a student at Western Seminary where Driscoll graduated. I actually completed a degree that is basically what he completed (MAET became the MA in Biblical and Theological Studies). While there may be some faculty and some students who would see eye-to-eye with him this is by no means the universal consensus (I seriously doubt even the majority consensus, at least as he has displayed his views here). Personally, I am an egalitarian and I have not been persecuted for being one.

“Driscoll is an alumni, and he has a right to express his opinion, but he is not the spokesperson nor a primary representative of Western Seminary. There is too wide an array of voices in our institution for this to be so.”

Driscoll is Driscoll. He has a right to express his opinion on a given matter. He says what he says for better or for worse, but he does not represent all of us. We are not all the same!