Charles Halton criticizes the OT revisions.

Daniel O. McClellan shares some related thoughts.

Brent Kercheville applauds the decision to translate sarx as “flesh”.

Robert Jimenez observes the same thing.

Nick Norelli does as well and he has something to say about how the vocative was translated.

Robert Lyons points out a few oddities.

N.J. Mackison makes observations from the gospels, epistles, on gender, and shares his own quibbles.

Paul Adams reviews a passage from Malachi and another from 1 Corinthians.

Joel M. Hoffman discusses gender in the new NIV.

Louis McBride points out “brothers and sisters” has survived the transition in many passages.

Jimmy Snowden talks a bit about the NIV in relation to the HCSB and ESV.

Fr. Andrew Strobl shares his perspective as a Catholic.

Daryl Dash interviewed Douglas Moo about the new NIV.

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Also: Watch a video from NIV Translation Committee Chairman Douglas Moo: