Dear India,

I have heard stories about what the sex-slave industry looks like in India. I have heard it said that there are sections of cities where a person can walk into a building, mosey from cage to cage, and purchase a human as if purchasing a once-discarded pet.  This concept seems absolutely foreign to me and to many like me.

What has been the most difficult part about asking questions about trafficking, is hearing the stories that take place in my own country and even in my own state. . . .

(Sarah Warnock, “Slavery in the US: A Mother’s Story (Part 1),” Dear India Project, (accessed November 1, 2010).)

As I mentioned in while back, my classmate Sarah Warnock is blogging a series of simulated dialogues with the country of India to help raise awareness of the form of slavery known as human trafficking. When I read this post, it hit close to home. Take a moment read this story (here) and say a prayer for the victims of human trafficking, their families, and for the traffickers themselves. Then, do your part to help combat this crime against God’s beloved humanity.