Gadamer, Truth and Method

Only a few more weeks to go and I will have survived my philosophy class. This is when it gets exciting. This is the reason I took the class. My philosophical interest are primarily based in linguistics and that is what I will focus upon as I write my term paper. In order to prepare I purchased the magnum opus (Truth and Method) of my soon-to-be-favorite philosophy: Hans-Georg Gadamer!

The blurb on the back of the book says the following:

Truth and Method is Gadamer’s most influential work, his magnum opus. Gadamer attacks the objectivity of Enlightenment reason and suggest that we need to see prejudices as present in all understanding. It is the work that defines the contemporary hermeneutic project of theoretical interpretation and is undoubtedly one  of the most important texts in twentieth century philosophy.

I intend to focus on Gadamer in my upcoming term paper. If you have any reading you’d like to suggest feel free to comment.