Since I was out of town last Friday I couldn’t post my recommended links for the week. The good news is you will get two lists this week!

– Jonathan Brown has written a series of post on the pre-existence of the Son in Pauline theology.

– Andrew Perriman has listed Daniel Kirk’s series on Mark 13.

– Michael Bird notifies us of his discussion with Yarbrough and Moo on how to translate Rom. 1.17.

– Peter Enns continues to examine Genesis and early interpreters.

– Larry Hurtado lists some major developments in the study of Christian origins.

– Marc Cortez lists his “must-reads” from various eras of church history. If you don’t like his personal choices try this list.

– C. Michael Patton presents the doctrine of the Trinity “in a nutshell”.

– Scott Lencke provides a “brief overview of the gift of tongues”.

– Nick Norelli notes a “bad argument” against inerrancy. Then he challenges the great Karl Barth on this very issue.

– Near Emmaus is a top five student biblioblog!