A week ago I mentioned that I will be highlighting some of the wonderful things that Lighthouse community is doing in the city of San Francisco. I am doing this in order to provide someone who may have a heart for this city the opportunity to partner with people who are ministering there. Today I will give you a brief look at a project called “Meals on Heels”.

Before I say anything about this ministry let me share a couple of videos with you (they will say more than I):

Meels on Heels Trailer (2009)

Meels on Heels: Stories from the Streets (2010)

It is often the case that Christians try to get the attention of politician to push forward their own agenda. It is much rarer to see Christians getting the attention of politicians because they see our good deeds which leads them to glorify our Father in Heaven (cf. Mt. 5.16). This is exactly what the Meals on Heels project has done. According to Lighthouse pastor Jeff Garner

Meals on Heels has enjoyed city-wide notoriety this year as a true compassionate expression of the City of San Francisco.  Mayor Newsom and Senator Fienstien both wrote letters commending the fine work of the Meals on Heels efforts.  We walk the streets and provide socks, jackets, blankets to those suffering in the cold.  We provide hot soup and sandwiches, hot chocolate and pastries.   We keep records of all the homeless people we minister to, names and birthdays and we celebrate birthdays with the homeless people.  We also pray and hug, touch and care for people.  We believe that love is what these people really need.  The food and clothing is a tangible way of saying “Jesus Loves You”  and “We love you too.”   We have prayed for many people and helped people get off the street by connecting them with other organizations.  We have brought many to worship God with us, if they do desire, and we have seen many experience salvation and redemption on the streets over a cup of soup.

[Read the letter from Mayor (now Lt. Governor) Newsom here; Senator Fienstein here.]

According to the self-description of the ministry:

San Francisco Meals on Heels serves the persons in need of the Tenderloin and surrounding areas, with no expectations or agenda.  Every Friday, geared up with the ‘Let Love Rule’ thermal backpacks, volunteers hit the streets to hand out warm food and simply share a smile.  Each week is a different experience, but one thing remains constant: the great need and the good will present in our city.

This is a wonderful work that comes out of the pockets of the local saints. If this grabs your attention consider partnering with this church by donating here. If you’d like to learn more about Meals on Heels visit their web site here.