After pondering whether or not to take a class on the Book of Isaiah or the Book of Micah I settled on Isaiah for the following reasons:

(1) It is so important to NT literature, especially Pauline.

(2) Although large it fits the professor’s style of teaching. He is very much a “big picture” person while the professor teaching on Micah is a great small picture exegete. It would have been a good decision either way.

(3) The homework load is less in this class and I begin working on my thesis next semester so I can use the wiggle room.

(4) There are some books on Isaiah that I read including J. Ross Wagner’s Hearld of the Good News: Isaiah and Paul in Concert in the Letter to the Romans and Brevard Childs’ The Struggle to Understand Isaiah as Christian Scripture.

(5) I think it would be fun to blog through portions of Isaiah, so expect that in 2011.