I received in the mail yesterday a letter from Wipf and Stock regarding its latest offerings. As I perused the list, I noticed The New Perspective on Paul: An Introduction by Kent L. Yinger, Ph.D, New Testament professor at George Fox Evangelical Seminary. Here is the book description, taken from its page on Wipf and Stock:

Can someone please explain this “New Perspective on Paul”? Where did it come from and will it help or hinder Christian interpreters to grasp the apostle’s writings more clearly? In The New Perspective on Paul: An Introduction, Kent Yinger provides concise, readable, and authoritative answers to these and other questions currently exercising students of Paul.

The book has received endorsements from scholars internationally, quite possibly the most significant is the one coming from J.D.G. Dunn who has written extensively on the New Perspective.

Having taken a full year of New Testament under Dr. Yinger, I have found the New Perspective on Paul more convincing that I once thought. As numerous endorses have stated on the one hand, this book is an introduction and is not out to criticize or defend the New Perspective. On the other hand, based on what I have learned in the classroom from Yinger himself (where he simply presents the New Perspective), I am sure some who read The New Perspective will at least rethink it as something feasible for reading Paul.