We all know Gordon Fee to be a top Exegete, but he puts an even greater emphasis on the necessity of exegesis on the book of Revelation.

In my classes over the years when teaching this great book, I make a final plea in the opening lecture regarding the necessity of exegesis as the proper way – indeed the only way – that leads to understanding.  It may seems strange that one should have to make this plea at all for the reading or studying of a biblical book, but it has been necessary because many of my students have had to shed some lamentable readings of the popular stuff written on the Revelation, which tends be well known by many of these students, has scarcely a shred of exegetical basis to it.  Such interpreters usually begin with a previously worked out eschatological scheme that they bring to the text, a scheme into which they then spend an extraordinary amount of energy trying to make everything in the text fit, and which they then attempt to defend, but with very little success.  – Gordon Fee, Revelation p.xx