After derailing our Friday week in review last week (we posted on Monday) all things are back to normal with this list:

– Mark Stevens blogs on Karl Barth’s understanding of theology as service to the church (here and here).

– Nick Norelli begins a series explaining why he thinks the Bible is inspired by God.

– Michael Patton discusses those pesky “closet doctrines”.

– Daniel Attaway takes note of ridiculous things Christians say.

– Ben Myers provides advice on how to read philosophy.

– Peter Enns has another post on “Genesis, Creation, and Ancient Interpreters”.

– Emmanuel Tov has posted a large collection of his writings online. (HT)

– David Stark announces Anthony Thiselton’s new commentary on the Thessalonian epistles.

– Larry Hurtado has reviewed James McGrath’s The Only True God.

– Fr. Ted Bobosh addresses sexual misconduct in the church.

– Marc Cortez tells you how to present a perfect conference paper.

– Chris Smith reflects upon the rule of double effect.