Tonight George Fox University will be hosting guest lecturer Erhard Gerstenberger. This is the press release from the school if you are interested in attending:

George Fox Evangelical Seminary invites the public to a free lecture featuring Dr. Erhard Gerstenberger at 7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 15, at the seminary’s Portland Center near Tigard, Ore.

Gerstenberger, a German theologian, has authored or edited 15 books and more than 100 articles on Old Testament studies, form criticism, Psalms and ritual studies, practical theology, feminist criticism and liberation theology. He has written in German, English and Portuguese.

Gerstenberger will speak on “Old Testament Theologies and Pastoral Ministry”in the seminary’s Old Testament introduction class.

“Dr. Gerstenberger’s work is nothing short of groundbreaking in the field of Old Testament studies,” said Roger Nam, assistant professor of biblical studies at the seminary in Oregon. “His visit to the seminary is a tremendous gift to the students and faculty.”

Gerstenberger’s book Theologies in the Old Testament brought attention to the need for understanding social structures embedded within ancient Israel to contextualize theology. He also made innovative use of form-critical studies to both Leviticus and the Psalms.

He has worked as a professor at Yale in the United States and at Giessen and Marburg universities in Germany. He also served as a pastor for the Evangelische Kirche in Germany and as a missionary to Brazil for nearly seven years. His experience in Brazil compelled him to raise the importance of liberation theology to the scholarly conversations in Europe.

Since his retirement in 1997, Gerstenberger lectures around the world and continues to study ancient Near Eastern languages and literature.

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