On Friday, N.T. Wright will be giving the plenary session at the Evangelical Theological Society (9:10-10:00AM, Grand Ballroom). The title of his lecture is “Justification Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow”. This will be followed by a panel discussion including Thomas Schreiner of SBTS  and Frank Thielman of Beeson Divinity School. In addition to this there are several papers being presented interacting with Wright (see this PDF, search “Wright”).

If you are going to be present and you intend on live blogging or post-blogging on the event (or writing of any kind) leave a link in the comments to your blog or the post so that others, such as myself, can follow along. Also, if you plan on live Tweeting it do let us know your account name.

On another note, ETS says that members must affirm inerrancy. Does Wright affirm inerrancy? I know most European evangelicals are comfortable with forms of infallibility and inspiration, but not inerrancy. If Wright does not affirm inerrancy what was the reasoning being his invitation to a society where this is one of two cornerstone doctrines (the other being the Trinity)?