It is almost Thanksgiving so be grateful for these links:

– Michael Holmes answers a few questions on the new SBL GNT.

– Craig L. Adams examines human sexuality from a Wesleyan perspective.

– Ben Myers shares twelve thesis on joy.

– Renjy Abraham explores how we cooperate with evil.

– Andrew Perriman asks the question, “How does Scripture speak to the world?”

– Daniel Kirk discusses the relationship between OT and NT.

– Peter Enns comments on the “crafty serpent” of Genesis 3.

– James McGrath responds to Larry Hurtado’s review of his book The Only True God. Hurtado responds to his response.

– Scot McKnight praises Gordon D. Fee’s new commentary on the Book of Revelation.

– Scott Lencke reviews Perriman’s The Future of the People of God.

– David Stark makes note of the new ZECNT commentaries.

– Nick Norelli has created a long list of books for “budding linguist”.

– Jamie Smith responds to the Barna report on the new Calvinist. McKnight shares some thoughts as well. As does Rodney Thomas. And Roger Olson. And Marc Cortez.

– There is a new blog worth noting called “Women in Theology“. (HT)

– CNN reports of the struggles faced by Christians in Iraq and that the U.S. Catholic Bishops have elected Timothy Dolan as their next president.