If you are like me you sat at home this last week wishing you could have participated in all the N.T. Wright madness at ETS and IBR. Since I am likely not alone in living vicariously through others who were there I thought I’d share some links to relevant posts:

Mike Aleckson, “Atlanta, ETS, and N.T. Wright

Denny Burk: “N.T. Wright on Justification at ETS

Ardel Caneday, “Wright Sets Right a Wrong

Marc Cortez: “N.T. Wright at ETS” Part One, Two, and Three

Colin Hansen, “A Justification Debate Long Overdue

Tyler Kenney, “Appreciating N.T. Wright

Daniel Kirk, “SBL Precursor: Wright and Bird at IBR

Philip J. Long, “ETS Atlanta–Thomas Schreiner

Gary Manning, “Evangelical Theological Society, Day 3

Dan Ortlund, “Conference Reflections

Jason Stellman, “A Few Scattered Thoughts on Wright at ETS

Justin Taylor, “Tom Schreiner on Tom Wright at ETS

Blake White, “Wright at ETS

Mike Wittmer, “Wright at ETS

This should do for now. If you know of any other worthy reads please leave a comment.