Thank you, Dr. Fee!

Brian Fulthorp shared a wonderful article from Charisma magazine on Gordon D. Fee titled “Professor Proves Pentecostalism and Scholarship Can Coexist” (read here). This is the opening paragraph to which anyone with a Pentecostal background and an interest in biblical scholarship can relate:

“Gordon Fee knows how it feels to be a lone ranger. Regarded as the first Bible scholar of the modern Pentecostal movement, Fee is a maverick. For 40 years he has fought an uphill battle in Pentecostal circles, within a movement that has been traditionally wary of theological endeavors and has placed far stronger emphasis on spiritual experience. “

All of those who have followed Fee from Pentecostal backgrounds into academia can say “thank you” as this paragraph notes:

“Fee and his wife, Maudine—who thought they would head to the mission field—felt the Holy Spirit’s nudge in a different direction. Maudine worked nights so her husband could juggle his Ph.D. studies and look after their four young children. Poring over endless manuscripts put Fee under enormous pressure, but in 1966 he became the first scholar from a Pentecostal background to earn a doctorate in biblical studies.”

I am grateful for Fee. He has proven that one can be a charismatic Christian while being taken seriously in the arena of critical, biblical scholarship. Many of us owe him much for his pioneering boldness.