Happy Thanksgiving weekend (unless you are one of the poor souls who had to work today)!

– Andrew Perriman wants to include the global church in our theological conversation.

– Rodney Thomas begins a discussion on the “economy of Jesus” here.

– Peter Enns asks if the falls was “Eve’s” fault.

– T.C. Robinson asks if Wright has changed his mind on justification. See Marc Cortez’s post as well.

– Michael Gorman remembers SBL 2010. As does Daniel Kirk here, here, and here. Peter M. Head here. JohnDave Medina here. Nijay Gupta here.

– Marc Cortez provides an ETS roundup here.

– The Pope OK’s condomsor not.

– Derek Ouellette reviews Bishop Kallistos Ware’s book The Orthodox Way.

– James McGrath continues his “bloggersation” with Larry Hurtado in regards to his book The Only True God. Hurtado responds.