"I don't need no stinkin' elves..."

I have decided to move this weekly post from Friday to Saturday for two reason: (1) Saturday is actually the end of the week, not Friday and (2) it seems less people want to read this blog on the weekends than the weekdays so I may as well direct traffic elsewhere! That being said, these are my selections from the past several days:

– Andrew Perriman asks whether or not the Book of Romans is about the salvation of humanity or IsraelDaniel Kirk has written a response to Perriman’s view and Perriman responded in return. Also, he has a hermeneutical paradigm to share as does Kirk from his SBL presentation.

– James McGrath asks if the Book of Revelation should be considered as pseudepigraphy.

– Kevin Deyoung explores the New Testament use of Old Testament prophecy.

– Scott Lencke provides some examples from Scripture regarding the various roles of women.

– According to John Byron the new NIV has discarded the “no room in the inn” mistranslation! If you want to see all the differences in the new NIV go here.

– Mike Bird does an “Old Spice” commercial for the new SBLGNT.

– Trevin Wax presents N.T. Wright’s early views on the atonement, heaven, and virtue.

– Michael Barber critiques rapture theology as derived from Mt. 24.40-41.

Another week of the Karl Barth blog conference is upon us. There are Barthian interactions with Zizek and Milbank, Badiou, Hart, and Taubes. Before you get to excited, read Adam Kotsko’s warning against Barthian rhetoric.

– Marc Cortez asks if having a doctrine of the millenium matters. Also, he reviews Peter Leithart’s Defending Constantine.

– Roger Olson says Arminianism is a “God-centered” theology and he notes some important paradigm shifts in Pentecostalism (finally).

– T.C. Robinson begins a good conversation on postmodernism.

– Tim Hankins tries to make odds and ends of Derrida’s statement “there is no outside-text”.

– Andy Peloquin explores Lyotard’s attack on metanarratives.

– Peter Enns has written an essay on doubt. Also, he has some thoughts on the Garden in Eden.

– Tim Keller warns against power politics.

– Tremper Longman recalls his time at ETS, IBR, and SBL. Craig Blomberg does the same regarding ETS.

– Rodney Thomas discusses his sabbatical from the academy.

– I am proud to announce that God roots for the Pittsburgh Steelers (unless we interpret Stevie Johnson this way)!