I have been thinking recently about the place of church history in the life of the typical church congregant. It feels like the history of the church gets very little exposure outside of the lecture halls of seminaries and universities. This could be a missed opportunity.

I currently am only beginning to explore the world of church history and have already gained a lot from this study. Knowledge of some of the struggles that men such as Athanasius and Gregory of  Nyssa went through to protect orthodoxy is inspiring. I have also noticed that many heresies that are alive today are only small variations on those that existed thousands of years ago. This could be valuable knowledge for all believers.

My question is this: Do you feel that church history can be meaningfully incorporated into church life? I think that a class outlining some of the key moments and important individuals involved could help a believer to better appreciate how God has kept his church and truth alive throughout time. I would love to read what both pastors and church congregants think of this.