First, a small summary of me; my name is Ishta and I’m currently a Journalism student at Coventry University. I’m originally from Uganda though, and right now I’m actually in Kampala for Christmas for the first time in 5 years. I got home this week, which is why I’ve been so silent on the blogosphere. As for my church background, I grew up Oneness Pentecostal but recently started going to a Trinitarian Pentecostal church for reasons that deserve a whole post on their own (and will probably get one). Although, I consider myself neither staunchly Oneness nor classically Trinitarian, and so I sympathise with Brian’s post about all the affiliations he could have claimed.

While I’m excited at the prospect of being the first female contributor to this blog, I’m nervous as to how well I’ll fit in since I’m not a seminarian. I’ll probably have to start reading more theology books, which is difficult for me because the only theological writing I’ve ever enjoyed is Kierkergaard and Wright (who, might I add, I discovered as a result of reading this blog). I read a lot of media analysis and cultural theory books (work) and philosophy (pleasure) though so I’d like to discuss whatever theological implications I might come across in my reading. As for my scriptural basis in making such a presumption* (for all you wonderful Bible scholars and seminarians)?

“But it is the spirit in man, the breath of the Almighty, that makes him understand.” -Job 32:8

(*My weak attempt at Biblical humor, a genre I feel I could easily perfect given the right audience!)