Is it snowing yet?

– Larry Hurtado reflects on a visit from John Kloppenborg to Edinburgh to discuss “Q”.

– Kevin Deyoung explores Mt. 2.13-15.

– Peter Enns asks when Genesis was written and if it matters.

– Robert Kashow shares a word play from Haggai 1.

– Fr. Ted Bobish begins discussing how to read Scripture here and here.

– Scot McKnight writes on the subject of “Jesus v. Paul“. Walter Kaiser responds. Andrew Perriman responds. Daniel Kirk responds.

– Daniel Kirk writes on “high” and “low” Christology.

– Michael Holmes has a page dedicated to the SBLGNT and a new blog.

– Chris Reese is giving away a copy of Scot Rae’s Moral Choices.

– Brian Fulthorp has reviewed Timothy Gombis’ The Drama of Ephesians.

– Themelios, V. 35, Issue 3 is available.

– Princeton Theological Seminary announces an upcoming conference titled “Creation, Conflict, and Cosmos: A Conference on Romans 5-8”.

– Scot Lencke addresses the question of Santa Clause. Also, he writes about the ever bothersome “head coverings” issue in 1 Cor 11.