I hate tests. I mean those events where you are told to memorize a lot of information over a certain time period in order to regurgitate it back onto a piece of paper so the teacher/professor can learn if you are able to regurgitate it back onto a piece of paper. I know people that can’t think themselves out of a wet paper bag that can ace one of these test. I know others who are genius-in-waiting who do not do well on test at all (the God-forsaken, money-making GRE for example).

I think educational paradigms need to be changed (e.g., here). This last week I went with my wife to a lecture by Stan Karp of Rethinking Schools. He was as fascinating as he was intelligent. In essence, our educational “system” is structured toward a certain type of learner in a certain type of environment. It is not good for those who do well as “divergent thinkers” (see video below). It is not good for those who do not want their life to be basically centered around the machine called “industrialization”. It is good for those who do well on a conveyor belt. It is good for those who do well at conforming.

That being said, lest I wax on without elegance, I wanted to share this video made by RSA adapted from a similar talk given by Sir Ken Robinson, a “world-renown educational and creativity expert” (HT). It is 11 min, 40 sec long so if you have the attention span, and you can watch it, and then you can leave your thoughts in a comment box, it would be great to hear your perspective:

By the way, I want to thank all my professors who have adapted a pedagogy that allows me to (1) do research; (2) write papers and essays rather than regurgitate info back onto a piece of paper (language professors are excluded because I don’t know if there is any way to avoid tests for biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek); (3) learn in groups through conversation, (4) learn alone if needed. You have saved me from a broken system. I wish there were more of you in this world.