For several weeks I have been following the Twitter account @BibleStdntsSay. It is apparently a professor who teaches biblical studies somewhere who enjoys Tweeting funny excerpts taken from the papers s/he is grading.  While I am sure that this person means no harm to anyone it seems to me that as funny as the quotes may be there is some invasion of student privacy. Especially since I have now seen professors begin the act of sharing these excepts who are not anonymous! Yes, these Tweets are funny but I thought to myself, “What if one of my professors did this with my paper?”

Whenever I turn a paper in to a professor there is a sense of self-exposure. You are opening yourself to another person for critique. It is one thing to wait patiently to see if there is an A, B, C, D, or F marked on it letting you know what the professor thought of your feelings, ideas, and opinions. It seems to me to be something totally other to have to worry that the dumb thing you say will be turn into public jest.

I doubt these Tweets mean any harm, but let me speak as a student. We do not want what we say in our papers that we give to you for your pedagogical task to become mockery. Would you write snarky remarks in the margins in red ink before handing it back to us? I doubt it. While anonymity helps prevent too much embarrassment, which is the saving grace of the @Biblestdntssay account, it seems that there can be little good in a named professor Tweeting excepts, especially when a student can see them!

But maybe I am being sensitive.