'No Country for Snowmen'

Is it Christmas yet?

– Peter Enns writes about the nakedness of Adam and Eve. Does that sound odd to you?

– David Hazony writes on the modern relevance of the Ten Commandments.

– Mark Stevens asks how the First Gospel contributes to the Christian community here and here. Also, he ponders the historicity of the virgin birth.

– Tommy Wasserman asks what Jesus wrote on the ground in John 7.53-8.11.

– T.C. Robinson asks how we should read 1 Corinthians and he thinks along with Douglas Moo regarding baptism in Colossians 2.12.

– Michael Bird shares some parallels between Revelation 4 and 5. Michale Barber shares some parallels between Daniel 7 and Revelation 4 and 5.

– Brian Fulthorp writes in praise of the biblical languages.

– Daniel Kirk addresses Richard Bauckham’s approach the Creator/Creature divide and the Son of Man in the Parables of Enoch.

– Larry Hurtado shares an essay he wrote on early Jesus devotion.

– Fr. Ted Bobosh asks, “Why did God become human?

– Scott Lencke shares audio from his lessons on the gifts of prophecy and tongues.

– Brian Fulthorp shares some thoughts from Karl Barth on the Holy Spirit.

– Paul Wallace says Richard Dawkins is a fundamentalist!

– Derek Ouellette reviews Richard Horsley’s Jesus and the Powers here and here.

– The top fifty blogs by theology professors has been announced. Since Scientia et Sapientia did not make it we should consider the list fraudulent. With that in mind, we should mention Marc Cortez shares a quote from John Frame regarding the “problem with theological education“.

– If I had my own office, this would be sweet.

– The Western Seminary Blog wants to know how students relax and unwind during Christmas break.