Geez, a guy spends a few days a way from the computer and blogging and WAR breaks out between all of his friends! Apparently, JohnDave has landed us in it by offending Jim with a comment about Rudolf the Red Nosed Bultmann. Followed by Brian’s attempt to liken Joel to coffee slops. Somehow it has fallen to me to apologise for Dave’s indiscretion (now I now how sports managers must feel). Well, here it is…

I am truly sorry to anyone who has ever had to read Bultmann. Heck, I’m even sorry for Bultmann! I am sorry for everything he has ever written. I am sorry for the millions (ok, maybe thousands he has led astray) and I am sorry for anyone who has had to put up with his exegesis. 🙂

As the greatest Swiss theologian to ever come out of Basel once said regarding Bultmann:

“Bultmann is an exegete. But it is impossible to engage him in exegetical discussion. For he is also a systematic theologian of the type which handles the texts in such a way that their exegesis is controlled by a set of dogmatic presuppositions and is wholly dependent upon their validity.” CD III.1, p.445

I hope that satifies Jim and the war can end. as for Joel…well…Um…his blog aint that bad! 😉

Now as for the scurolous rumours regarding Barth’s relationship with his assistant – In the words of my neighbour, it’s CRAP and the defense of the limp brained who have no come back for Barth’s sheer brilliance!