John Frame in his book “The Doctrine of the Christian Life” gives his opinion as to why studying Christian ethics is important.

“People are far more open to discussing ethics than to discussing theistic proofs or even “transcendental arguments.” Philosophy does not excite many people today, and many do not even want to hear personal testimony and the simple gospel. But they do care about right and wrong. Christians who can talk about ethics in a cogent way, therefore, have a great apologetic and evangelistic advantage.” (page 5)

Later he presents his reasons for the inclusion of Christian ethics in the secular realm.

“I shall argue as well that all ethics is religious, even when it tries hard to be secular. In the end, all ethics presupposes ultimate values. It requires allegiance to someone or something that demands devotion and governs all thinking. That kind of allegiance is indistinguishable from religious devotion, even if it doesn’t  involve liturgical practices. So the line between religious and secular ethics is a fuzzy one, and it is arbitrary to use such a line to determine who is entitled to join a dialogue on ethics.” (page 5-6)

What do you think of Frame’s position? Do you agree that Christian ethics should be allowed a place in the overall discussion of ethics? I agree with Frame but also have my doubts as to how receptive many people would actually to these ideas.