I type this as I sit in the Graduate Reading Room of Suzzallo Library at the University of Washington. Because of the Pacific Northwest libraries’ Orbis Cascade (Summit) alliance, I can check out books from the UW and use its internet—all for free.


Suzzallo Library Graduate Reading Room @ the University of Washington

If all goes according to plan, I begin my last semester as a student with George Fox Evangelical Seminary on January 10, 2011. This semester I am doing something directly with the university and the seminary, as opposed to previous semesters where my involvement with George Fox University was more indirect. Here is the lineup for this semester:

  • BIST 545 Greek Readings with Donann Warren, MA (Classics)
  • BIST 565 Master of Arts in Theological Studies Teaching Internship with Laura Simmons, PhD (practical theology)
  • BIST 575 Thesis Continuation with Paul Anderson, PhD, (advisor) and Kent Yinger (faculty of records)
  • BIST 585 Theological German (Seminar in Biblical Studies) with Kent Yinger, PhD
  • CHTH 552 Essentials of Christian Theology with R. Larry Shelton, ThD

The Christian theology class is GFES’s only systematic-theology-type class; this will also be my first and last class with Dr. Shelton. The teaching internship, although listed with Dr. Simmons as the internship director, will be supervised by Dr. Anderson—this is what relates me to GFU more directly this year.

Well, wish me the best and keep me in your prayers! Maybe I can attend a GFU women’s basketball game this year, and hopefully they will bring the championship home again.