I am finding my experience of reading on the iPad to be especially productive when it comes to writing my school papers.  Especially when reading books on the iPad Kindle app.  Kindle allows you the ability to highlight, no big deal right all eBooks allow you that basic functionality.  However, Kindle will sync all of your notes and highlights on line to allow you to reread, and review them.

Now when I am ready to write my paper on my laptop this now becomes a powerful study tool as it allows me to view the book in a summary format and also read any thoughts I may have added along the way.  I can quickly glance through them, and use the hyper-links that they auto create to the books that I highlighted.  Since Kindle allows you to buy once and down load anywhere as often as you like I now have the same books on my PC.  By clicking the hyper-link to the highlight or note I can further read if I need to place it in better context.  Another plus to this is that I can also cut and paste from there directly saving me time not having to retype it.  I find myself now highlight in a different manner than I would on a printed book.  I’ll now highlight larger portions to keep things in context rather than just a line or two.  I also highlight particular headers to help me know where I am at relative to the book.  That is a difficult thing to figure out when reading eBooks, knowing what section you are at in a particular book is not very easy.  So this also helps to solve that dilemma.

Just passing along reasons to justify you buying an iPad or one of the upcoming Google/Motorola Tablet.  Kindle already announced that they are developing one for Android tablets.  If you are on a budget there is always the Kindle eReader WiFi only starting at $139.00