Toward the end of Jesus and the Victory of God (p. 652) N.T. Wright notes three areas where Jesus shared beliefs with his fellow Jews as well as the key point of departure:


“Jesus belived that there was one God who made the world, and who had called Israel to be his people; that this one God had promised to be with his people, and guide them to their destiny, their new exodus; that his presence, guidance and ultimately salvation were symbolized, brought into reality, in and through Temple, Torah, Wisdom, Word and Spirit. He was a first-century Jewish monotheist.”


“He believed that Israel was the true people of the one creator God, called to be the light of the world, called to accomplish her vocation through suffering. He cherished this belief in Israel’s special vocation, even as he challenged current interpretations of it.”


“He believed in the coming kingdom of Israel’s god, which would bring about the real return from exile, and the return of YHWH to Zion. He embraced this Jewish hope, making it thematic for his own work.”

This difference?

“The difference between the beliefs of Jesus and those of thousands of other Jews of his day amounted simply to this: he believed, also, that all these things were coming true in and through himself.”

In Jesus we find the embodiment of YHWH’s eschatological election of the true people of God.