Ben Witherington has just announced he is leaving Beliefnet and following the likes of Scot McKnight to Patheos! The new address can be found here. It seems Dr Ben has chosen a good old fashioned WordPress layout too!

When Ben was here in Adelaide last year I begged him to move from Beleifnet. The advertisings is incredibly annoying and the site is woefully laid out. Of course, I am sure my begging was not part of his decision nevertheless I am glad he has made the move elsewhere!

In other blogging news, my holidays end soon (Yep, it is summer here in Australia) and blogging will resume next week. I am really looking forward to joining my Near Emmaus friends and dialogging with you all! I think I have decided to focus less on academics (I’ll leave that for smarter people like Brian and JD) and more on the nature and practice of faithful pastoral vocation (as I understand it anyway). Of all the books I am excited about this year it is Eugene Peterson’s memoir that has me waiting with great anticipation. So much so I have paid the exorbitant shipping price to have it here in Australia in 3 days! Alongside his memoir I also plan to read Peterson’s 5 volume spiritual theology through this year, slowly.

Peace be with you.