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Bertil Albrektson
Text, Translation, Theology: Selected Essays on the Hebrew Bible
Reviewed by Corrado Martone

Rob Barrett
Disloyalty and Destruction: Religion and Politics in Deuteronomy and the Modern World
Reviewed by Jerry Hwang

David A. Bernat
Sign of the Covenant: Circumcision in the Priestly Tradition
Reviewed by Michael Hundley

Pierre Bordreuil and Dennis Pardee
A Manual of Ugaritic
Reviewed by Ian Young and Lucy Davey

Paul Borgman
David, Saul, and God: Rediscovering an Ancient Story
Reviewed by Andrew E. Steinmann

Athalya Brenner, Archie Chi Chung Lee, and Gale A. Yee, eds.
Reviewed by Phillip Michael Sherman

R. T. France
The Gospel of Matthew
Reviewed by Leslie Robert Keylock

Robert D. Holmstedt
Ruth: A Handbook on the Hebrew Text
Reviewed by Marjo C. A. Korpel

Anders-Christian Jacobsen, ed.
The Discursive Fight over Religious Texts in Antiquity
Reviewed by Matteo Grosso

Philip Peter Jenson
Obadiah, Jonah, Micah: A Theological Commentary
Reviewed by Michael D. Matlock
Reviewed by Daniel L. Smith-Christopher

Edward Kessler
An Introduction to Jewish-Christian Relations
Reviewed by D. Andrew Kille

Richard N. Soulen
Sacred Scripture: A Short History of Interpretation
Reviewed by Sean Kealy

Kevin J. Vanhoozer, ed.
Theological Interpretation of the Old Testament: A Book-by-Book Survey
Reviewed by William A. Tooman

Howard N. Wallace
Reviewed by John E. Anderson