Another week, another set of links (Oh, and by the way, Go Steelers!):

– Peter Enns discusses various interpretations of Gen. 2.15.

– Bryan Lilly asks if Joshua 10 parallels Mt. 27-28.7 and if it does, what are the implication?

– Joseph Kelly has theological questions concerning the natural disasters of the Book of Haggai.

–  T.C. Robinson reminds us that the gospels are not “merely” facts. Also, he shares a few points on reading good commentaries and he updates us on his theological journey. Rodney Thomas shares his theological journey as well.

– Daniel Kirk discusses the deacons of Acts 6.

– Bill Mounce writes on the statement “are being saved” in 1 Cor. 15.2.

– Charles Savelle notes the New Covenant implications of Jesus’ sacrificial death in Heb. 9.23-28.

– What do you think of “Q“?

– C. Michael Patton writes on exegesis and theology.

– Mark Goodacre discusses whether or not there was an actual Jesus of Nazareth.

– James McGrath tells us his thoughts on the Apostle Paul.

– Larry Hurtado provides a list of the earliest Christian manuscripts.

– Nijay Gupta asks whether or not ancient Greeks thought their statues were living.

– Roger Olson asks if anyone knows what the Kingdom of God is. Scott Lencke compares the Kingdom of God and the church.

– Bruce Edwards tries to discern the legacy of C.S. Lewis. Also, some reasons have been given for why Lewis was wrong in his view of pacifism (part 1, part 2 and 3)

– Derek Ouellette reviews James Payton Jr.’s book Getting the Reformation Wrong.

– Nick Norelli reviews Millard J. Erickson’s book Who’s Tampering with the Trinity?

– Marc Cortez reviews James Jefferson Davis’ Worship and the Reality of God.

Chris Reese reviews Richard Mouw’s Uncommon Decency.

– Western Seminary has a contest for a copy of Gary Thomas’ book Sacred Marriage.

– Scot McKnight writes about the shift amongst evangelicals toward liturgy.

– Brian Fulthorp asks if our desire to be “relevant” has gotten us into trouble. Also, he has some good points on why you should blog!

– Anthony Bradley has some stinging words about how we ought to show our love for the city.

– Nigel Biggar talks about how Christians should behave in public.

– The 2011 SBL International call for papers has been given.

– If you want to take a virtual visit of the Pauline Chapel (here) or the Sistine Chapel (here) you can now!