I thought 2010 went by fast. January of 2011 is almost over already! Take some time to slow things down while reading through this list of links:

– Fr. Ted Bobish gives advice toward how to read and how not to read the Old Testament.

– Peter Enns ponders Satan in interpretations of Genesis 3.

– Kevin Deyoung tells us what made King David great.

– Daniel Kirk ponders how Jesus was “made Lord and Christ” as stated in Acts 2.26.

– Brian Fulthorp discusses “communion as confession”.

– T.C. Robinson reviews D.A. Carson’s Scandalous. Also, he expresses his desire to hear James McGrath say more on the Apostle Paul. McGrath responds.

– Michael J. Gorman shares some questions that he asks his students about the Apostle Paul. Also, he notifies us to a website dedicated to the scholarship of Bart D. Ehrman.

– Chris Keith asks if there will ever be another Martin Hengel? Nick Norelli is not optimistic about it.

– Marc Cortez asks if Dietrich Bonhoeffer was an evangelical. Also, he wants advice as to whether or not he should charge anything for a book on the gospel that he is writing.

– Rodney Thomas says that Clement of Alexandria gets no respect (if you read it with Rodney Dangerfield’s voice, it is all the better)! Also, he has some interesting thoughts on independent scholars/collaborative researchers.

– Scott Lencke decries the false either/or of Calvinism/Arminianism. Also, he asks, “What is the gospel?

– Brian McLaren shares a friends remarks noting C.S. Lewis as a possible “liberal” regarding the relation between Christianity and homosexuality.

– Celucian Joseph ranks the ten most important texts in Black Atlantic culture and thought in the twentieth-century.

– Peter Berger makes a connection between Rudolf Bultmann and modern Pentecostalism.

– Trevin Wax lists some “false gospels”.

– Esteban Vazquez recommends Steve Runge’s Discourse Grammer of the Greek New Testament.

– Nijay Gupta reviews R.W. Jenson’s Canon and Creed.

– Rachel Bomber review Ben Witherington III’s Work: A Kingdom Perspective on Labor.