Would you believe that I get cranky? I get cranky at the strangest things. I get especially cranky with buzz word, especially Christian buzzwords! Words like, Missional, Emergent, Emerging, Community, Teaching & Justice. The list could go on. In my opinion when words become buzz they lose their value and gravitas.

One such buzz phrase I have noted of late is the propensity of people calling themselves ‘Jesus followers’. Apparently it is not enough to call oneself a Christian any more. It seems to me that people claim to be a ‘follower of Jesus’ as a way of distinguishing those who are perhaps only Christian by name not action.

I find the phrase irritating because, in my mind at least, it conjures up a sense of superiority. I laugh though because although Jesus himself said to the disciples, ‘Come follow me’ those who merely followed Jesus soon left him for another teacher. Only those who considered themselves disciples of Christ were considered faithful followers of Jesus. Discipleship is far more than just following Jesus. It involves a complete re-orientation of one’s life around the one we call Lord!

I can’t remember the last time the word discipleship became a buzz word. Or sin. Or repentance! Maybe I am just being cranky…