Jesus = God's Facebook?

Francis Cardinal George, OMI, Catholic Archbishop of Chicago made an interesting Christological statement about a week ago. On his website he was writing about friendship (read here, HT). He mentioned Facebook because so many people are “friends” there. Then he went on to note how Jesus called his disciples “friends” in the Fourth Gospel (Jn. 15.15-16) therefore “friendship with God is possible”.

Then he made the statement of interest: “In a certain sense, one might consider Jesus God’s Facebook.” Now before we snicker we should ponder that the Apostle Paul willingly referred to Jesus as “the image of the invisible God”. This likely had two connotations: (1) Jesus is the fullest expression of imago Dei and (2) some have noted that this may have been a veiled reference to the “images” of Caesar set up through the Roman Empire to remind the citizens who was reigning and ruling over them. In that sense Jesus is like an imperial symbol reminding the world of the Kingdom of God.

It may not be absurd to think of Jesus this way, but we must ask ourselves a little about Facebook. In what sense does it represent us? There is no way we can say that it is our visible image in the same way that Jesus makes God visible. Nevertheless, Facebook does make us “visible” and “present” where we are not immediately visible or present.

So, what do you think? Would you use this analogy when trying to explain the incarnation to modern hearers? Why or why not?