A WordPress blog: Not the best place to read N.T. Wright

I have been writing a weekly post interacting with the thought of N.T. Wright for some time now. I have done this for two reasons: (1) I think he is provocative and he has challenged me to think  anew about many things. (2) These subjects that he has addressed make great discussion starters, which for a blogger is essential. But I think it is time to end the weekly interaction with the great N.T. Wright.

Why? Well, I read other books and articles by other authors enough that I don’t always have a lot to say. Also, I fear that at times the artificial setting of a singular, short blog post allows for a sort of heresy hunting to occur. If someone doesn’t like the four hundred words that I copy here this suddenly becomes justification for writing off Wright. Let me remind readers: A blog post is a blog post is a blog post. There is much more to Wright’s project than what can be read here.

I am not done reading Wright, nor am I done blogging, so there will be post in the future, but not weekly post.