John Frame in his work “The Doctrine of the Christian Life” discusses some reason that we should be careful when entering into political discourse from pulpit.

“Another danger, of course, is that churches will get so caught up in political activism that they lose sight of Christ. The solution is not to avoid political issues, but to see politics as Kuyper did, as an opportunity to promote the claims of King Jesus. It is important that the church’s message including its political statements, exude the grace of Christ. Grace is not only the center of God’s Word, but a vital element of our communication, even of law. Denunciation of the evils of the world only takes us so far. It can, indeed, be counterproductive, because people come to resent constant scolding. Law and gospel must be wrapped up in one another. Political preaching should show how God’s grace itself impels us to live by standards that are different from those of the world.”

I am intrigued by Frame’s position on this issue. Because of prior history I prefer to keep my political opinions separated from my identity as a Christian. I have seen far to many people hurt by the injection of politics into the church. The extreme partisan nature of American politics has only served to divide the church even further. What do you think of Frame’s position? Do you think that you can safely bring politics into the church to the glory of God?