You better read these.

You still have a couple of weeks to tell us about a pastor who has greatly impacted your life and in doing so you will be entered to win Eugene Peterson’s forthcoming memoir The Pastor (see here). Also, make sure to read Bitsy’s, Crystal’s and Dan’s stories about pastors who have been important to them (see below).

– Bill Mounce discusses 1 Cor. 11.24.

– Daniel Kirk tackles the subordination of the Son in 1 Cor. 15.

– C. Michael Patton shares six views of what it means to be “orthodox”.

– Anthony Bradley reminds us of Irenaeus and the simple core of Christianity.

– Cynthia Nielsen continues her archaelogico-hermeneutical fusion here and here.

– Andrew Perriman explains justification according to Wright, Gorman, and Campbell.

– W. Travis McMaken provides Barthian definitions of “theology”, “evangelical”, and “evangelical theology”.

– Rodney Thomas is blogging through Black Month.

– Mary Kassian discusses the church in a “post-feminist” world.

– Thabiti Anyabwile says that as a complementarian he thinks women can be deacons.

– Marc Cortez wants to know who he should invite to next year’s ETS Northwest meetings (A: Vanhoozer). Also, he reviews James R. Payton’s Getting the Reformation Wrong.

– Bitsy Griffin tells us about Mark Corts.

– Crystal Rodli tells us about Jesse Rodli.

– Dan Thompson tells us about Larry Hale.

– Congratulations to Scott Lencke and his wife who have another little one on the way.

– Nijay Gupta reviews Grant Osbourne’s ZECNT, Matthew commentary. Marc Cortez is giving away a copy of this book.

– Brian Fulthorp reviews David Black’s Why Four Gospels?

– T.C. Robinson reviews Gordon Fee’s Revelation.

– Derek Ouellette is reviewing Kallistos Ware’s The Orthodox Church.

– Tommy Wassermann informs us of Daniel Wallace’s forthcoming book Revisiting the Corruption of the New Testament.

– Joel Watts is giving away a copy of McGrath’s The One True God.

– We ranked #4 (eh, #3….sorry) on the list of Top 50 Biblioblogs!