I have been slowly making my way through John M. Frame’s “Doctrine of The Christian Life”. Frame has done an excellent job of challenging the way I approach ethics, by removing some of the fallacies that I have accumulated through my life in secular institutions. I wanted to share a quote that I came across earlier this morning that I found interesting.

“I have indicated that it is not a naturalistic fallacy to argue, “God commands x; therefore, we must do x.” This argument might seem like a forbidden argument from what is to what ought to be, from fact to obligation. But that is not so,  for God is not only a fact, but also a norm. That is so because anything God says is normative. His word is inherently authoritative, as well as powerful and present. God’s very nature is normative. This is to say, authority is an aspect of the lordship that defines him.”

I like this quote because much of the study of ethics is seeking to discover what is normative. As Christians we can at least establish that there is one sure authority that is normative.